Equipment / Instruments


C214 – Large diaphragm condenser microphone
– Small diaphragm condenser microphone

BX20 Universal Audio plugin – Spring reverb


SVT-VR Classic Universal Audio plugin – Bass guitar amplifier


ATR-102 Universal Audio plugin – Mastering tape recorder


661 – Expressor – Compressor/limiter (2x)


2500 – Universal Audio plugin – Stereo Bus Compressor
Vision Console – Universal Audio plugin – Console channel strip
212L Mic pre
215L Sweep filter
225L Compressor/limiter
235L Gate/expander
550L Equalizer/filter

ATI Audio

DP100 – Transformer-coupled buffer-amplifier
MM100 – Transformer-coupled buffer-amplifier
MX100c – Microphone pre-amplifier, mixer, and limiter. Modified – Pre-amplifier & output op-amp: Analog Devices SSM2019 / Texas Instruments Burr Brown DRV134PA.
MX200 – Microphone pre-amplifier, mixer, and limiter (2x). Modified – Pre-amplifier & op-amp: Texas Instruments Burr Brown INA217 / Texas Instruments Burr Brown DRV134PA.
MX200c – Microphone pre-amplifier, mixer, and limiter (3x). Modified – Pre-amplifier & op-amp: Texas Instruments Burr Brown INA217 / Texas Instruments Burr Brown DRV134PA.


ATM63HE – Dynamic microphone


ADX-50 – Small diaphragm condenser microphone (2x)
i5 – Dynamic microphone

Chandler Limited

Curve Bender – Universal Audio plugin – Equalizer (EMI TG12345 / Abbey Road Studios)

Coleman Audio

M3PH MKII – Monitor switcher/router/passive-attenuator

Dangerous Music

BAX EQ – Equalizer/filter
Liaison – Analog relay-based insert switcher.


200 – Input/output-switcher/router
223 – Crossover/filter


LYD 48 – Audio monitor (2x)


ELX-1A – Microphone pre-amplifier, mixer, and limiter
N/D308B – Dynamic microphone
– Dynamic microphone (2x)
RE20 – Dynamic microphone
– Dynamic microphone


Alpha Compressor- Universal Audio plugin – Compressor
Mpressor Compressor- Universal Audio plugin – Compressor


140 Universal Audio plugin – Plate reverb

Event Electronics

PS-8 – Audio monitor (2x)
PS-5 – Audio monitor​


660 Universal Audio plugin – Tube limiter
670 Universal Audio plugin – Tube limiter


Fender/Squire: Telecaster Custom Guitar – 6-string, 25-1/2″, agathis body, maple neck, maple fretboard, 2x Fender-designed Wide Range humbucking pickups, 2006. (Shares many features between the “[Vintage Modified] Telecaster Deluxe” and the “’72 Telecaster Custom”.)
Mini Twin Amp – Guitar amplifier

’55 Tweed DeluxeUniversal Audio Plugin – Guitar amplifier


Energy 16″x14″ Poplar Bass Drum – 2016. Modified to include a custom adjustable internal felt muffler and customized mounting hardware to accommodate “jungle-kick” bass-drum spurs & a standard bass drum pedal mount.


Type 69 EQ Universal Audio plugin – Equalizer

JL Audio

10-W1 (G1) – Subwoofer. Housed in a custom sealed MDF enclosure.


Minilogue – Polyphonic analog synthesizer

Kurt Campbell Audio

Model 44 – Monitor (2x)
Model 64P – Monitor (2x)

Lane-Campbell Designs

Three Way – Active buffered line level input switcher/router/multiplexer. Prototype unit – Designed by Michael Lane & Ian Campbell; custom built by Michael Lane.

Latin Percussion

Black Beauty Cowbell
Session 5″ Shaker
Egg Shaker


LXP-1 – Digital reverb/delay

224 Universal Audio plugin – Digital reverb

Little Labs

IBP Universal Audio plugin – Phase alignment tool


Bright-VU (BVD-6A) – VU meter
PRE-10 – Input/output-router/switcher/multiplexer


Acrolite 14″x5″ Brushed Aluminum Snare Drum – 1969. Modified to include PureSound Pro Snares.

Mammoth Cave Audio

Wooly Mammoth Deluxe (WMD-3) – Passive transformer, germanium diode, and rectifier saturation/distortion processor. Modified: Manufacturer-installed stepped controls, XLR inputs/outputs, and additional non-stock custom controls/settings designed by Tim Gerak & Ian Campbell.

Manley Laboratories

Stereo Vairable Mu Limiter Compressor“Version 4a”. Modified: Manufacturer-installed selectable high-pass side-chain.

Voxbox Channel Strip – Universal Audio plugin – Preamp, compressor, equalizer, de-esser, limiter


Plexi Classic Universal Audio plugin – Guitar amplifier


THH1BK Steel Tambourine Hi Hat mountable
SH5R Luis Conte Red Studio Shaker

Native Instruments

Traktor Audio 6 – DJ AD/DA converter
Traktor Scratch Pro – DJ software, includes vinyl control v2


1073 Universal Audio plugin – Preamp and equalizer
1073SE Universal Audio plugin – Equalizer
88RS Universal Audio plugin -Preamp, filter, equalizer, gate, compressor


Integra TA-2056 – Cassette tape deck


Pro S – Turntable headshell/stylus (2x)


FFX 14″x10″ Maple Marching Snare Drum – 2011. Modified to include an adjustable batter-head felt muffler.
Free-Floating 14″x8″ Maple or Chrome-Over-Steel Snare Drum – 2015. Modified to include machined chrome-plated aluminum hoops and PureSound Pro snares. (Note: chrome-over-steel shell has also been modified to include a custom adjustable internal batter-head felt muffler and custom shell-dampening hardware).
Free-Floating 14″x5.5″ Maple Snare Drum – 1999. Modified to include PureSound Pro Snares.
Masters Custom 20″x16″ Maple Bass Drum – 1990’s. Modified & custom refinished.
[Chrome-Over-Steel 14″x6.5″ Snare Drum] – 1989. Modified to include die-cast chrome-plated steel hoops and PureSound Pro snares.


EQP-1A Universal Audio plugin – Equalizer
HLF-3C Universal Audio plugin – Filter
MEQ-5 Universal Audio plugin -Equalizer

Reason Studios

Reason – Instrument plugin suite and digital audio workstation software
Rebirth – Instrument plugin suite
Recycle – Digital audio editing software

Remington Rand

Model 17 Typewriter – Full-size desktop model, black, 1940’s.

RTS Systems

465 – Microphone pre-amplifier/limiter (2x)

Rhythm Tech

DST11 Drum Set Tambourine with Brass Jingles


515SDX – Dynamic microphone


E609 – Dynamic microphone
HD280Pro – Headphones


MDR-V6 – Headphones
TC-366 – 1/4″ reel-to-reel tape deck
TC-RX311 – Cassette tape deck


Cubase Pro – Digital audio workstation
WaveLab Pro
– Digital audio workstation

Stewart Audio

PA-100B – Class AB amplifier
PA-50B – Class AB amplifier


A800 – Universal Audio plugin – Multichannel tape recorder

Summit Audio

TD-100 – Tube direct instrument pre-amp
TLA-50 – Tube leveling amplifier (2x). Modified – Tubes: Groove Tubes (JJ Electronic) ECC83-S (Slovak Republic).


506E – Headphone amplifier
SX202 – Microphone pre-amplifier
– Compressor/limiter (3x)


A-1250S – 1/4″ Reel-to-reel tape deck

TK Audio

BC1-S – VCA compressor/limiter. Note – Based on the SSL 4000 G-Series Master-Bus Compressor.
S-Blender – Mastering console & parallel-processing insert-mixer
TK-lizer – Stereo/mid-side equalizer


Tilt EQ – Universal Audio plugin – Equalizer/filer

Universal Audio

4-710d – Tube/transistor-blending microphone/instrument/line pre-amplifier/compressor/limiter & AD converter
Apollo x8
– Microphone/instrument/line pre-amplifier, AD/DA converter, and computer audio plugin processor
– Digital audio workstation
Satellite Quad – Computer audio plugin processor (4x)

1176 Rev A – Universal Audio plugin – Limiting amplifier
1176 Rev E Universal Audio plugin – Limiting amplifier
1176 Rev AE Universal Audio plugin – Limiting amplifier
610-A Universal Audio plugin – Preamp & EQ
610-B Universal Audio plugin – Preamp & EQ
Brigade Chorus Pedal
Universal Audio plugin – Bucket-brigade chorus
Galaxy Tape Echo Delay & Reverb Universal Audio plugin – Tape echo and spring reverb – Modeled after the “Roland – RE-201 Space Echo”
Precision De-Esser Universal Audio plugin – De-esser
Precision Enhancer Hz Universal Audio plugin – Low-frequency enhancer
Precision Limiter Universal Audio plugin – Limiter
Raw Distortion Universal Audio plugin – Distortion – Modeled after the “Pro Co – Rat” distortion pedal.
Teletronix LA-2 Universal Audio plugin – Leveling amplifier
Teletronix LA-2A (Gray) Universal Audio plugin – Leveling amplifier
Teletronix LA-2A (Silver) Universal Audio plugin – Leveling amplifier


PDX-a1S – Direct-drive variable speed quartz-locked turntable (2x)
PMC-270A – Mixer

Washburn Guitars

XB500 Bantam 5-String Bass Guitar – 34″, alder/ash top, maple neck, rosewood fretboard, WB 950 Series pickups, 1994.


M406 – Microphone/line pre-amplifier & mixer
Stage Custom 14″x11″ Birch Tom Drum – 2015
Stage Custom 16″x15″ Birch Tom Drum – 2015


A 20″ Cymbal – 1960’s
A 15″ New Beat Hi Hat Cymbals – 1960’s bottom, 1970’s top
A 14″ New Beat Hi Hat Bottom Cymbal – 2000’s
K 22″ Constantinople Medium Thin Low Cymbal – 2011
K 22″ Thin Ride Cymbal – 2012
K 19″ Thin Dark Crash Cymbal – 2012
Kerope 14″ Hi-Hat Cymbals – 2016