Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering

Utilizing a industry-leading techniques and a hybrid analog/digital process with professional equipment & tools selected for your project’s unique needs, Afterpostmodernism can deliver the recording, production, composition, mix, or master that sets you and your clients apart from the crowd while inspiring listeners everywhere on any platform.

Our lead enginneer, Ian Campbell, has over 18 years of professional experience in many genres of music, from jazz to pop, classical to rock, and country to electronica, collaborating as an audio engineer, producer, musician, sound-designer, remix artist, and composer for clients all across the United States of America. For more information, checkout our audio engineering client portfolio.

All equipment can be configured for mobile recording, mixing, mastering, and production use nearly anywhere in the world; additional equipment, software, plugins, and instruments can be procured at your request. For more information, checkout the list of equipment & musical instruments at Afterpostmodernism.

All projects are billed on a sliding-scale because no two clients, projects, or budgets are the same. Please ask us how we can provide the right combination of services & pricing to fit your needs. What follows below is not an exclusive list of offerings – if you require pricing and/or services which are not listed, please contact us with your desired requirements so we can give you a personalized quote. We look forward to working with you soon.

Contact Afterpostmodernism for custom-tailored sliding-scale pricing, flexible scheduling, and a free project consultation today.


  • Album/EP/Single or Sound Effects for Film/TV/Theater
    • Includes…
      • Analog/Digital hybrid-processing
      • Pre-master producer consultation
      • Draft with consultation
      • Revision with consultation
      • Final digital master creation
      • Delivery of the final master via FTP
      • Additional revisions and production consultations are available by request
    • Alternate Formats
      • Created from the original digital or analog master.
      • Vinyl: digital output as per pressing plant’s specifications
      • Cassette Tape: digital output as per duplication plant’s specifications and master CrO2 (Type II) cassette (alternate types available by client request)
      • Reel-To-Reel Tape: digital output as per duplication plant’s specifications and master 1/4” tape reel at 7.5ips, 3.75ips, or 1.875ips (client choice)
      • Compact Disc (CD): digital output as per duplication plant’s specifications and Red Book compatible compact disc
      • Duplication/Replication, alternate formats not listed above, alternate specifications, alternate shipping destinations, or attended delivery are all available by request
      • Includes FTP transfer and/or USPS insured Priority Mail shipping within the USA.
  • Optional Services
    • Stem Mastering
    • Analog Tape Saturation Processing
      • Brand new unused tape
      • Reel-to-reel at 7.5ips, 3.75ips, or 1.875ips on various machines (client choice)
      • Cassette at 1.875ips on various machines (client choice)
      • Various tape, transformer, tube, and op-amp saturation characteristics are available
    • Producer Attended Sessions
    • Express/Rush Services

Mixing & Editing

  • Analog/Digital Hybrid-Process
  • Music, Sound-Effects, Film, TV, and Radio – All available on industry-standard broadcast formats
  • Mobile/Location – Local Studio, Client Studio/Venue, or Remote Location Site
  • Live-Sound Front-Of-House (FOH) – Client Venue


  • Mobile & Location Recording
    • Anywhere in the USA
    • Local Studio, Client Studio/Venue, or Remote Location Site
  • Music, Sound-Effects, Film, TV, and Radio – All available on industry-standard broadcast formats

Creative Direction

  • Production
    • Music, Radio, Sound-Effects, Audio for Film/TV
    • Studio, venue, client-site, remote, mobile, or location
    • Creative direction, artist coaching, session management, and more
  • Business Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Process Optimizaion
  • Vendor Management
  • Communications
    • Visual Design – Print & Internet: Brand identity, logo design, page layout, graphic design, typesetting, package design, UX/UI, sheet music
    • Photography & Image Editing/Manipulation – Caputre, retouch, extraction, color correction, pre-press
    • Writing & Editing – Technical, advertising, procedural, educational


  • Recording Studio & Live Venue
    • Central Downtown Denver location
    • 1500 sq ft – converted warehouse w/ sloped ceiling
    • 24’ x 47’ main room with production-customizable acoustic treatment
    • 16’ x 12’ x 3’ accoustically treated stage
    • Professional sound (PA) and stage lighting systems
  • Equipment